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Countywide Property Inspection Services for Charlotte County

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CSST Scheduling is done by Geographic Area. Every effort will be made to accommodate the day of the week and time of day you requested. Confirmation will be sent via email when your area is scheduled (usually within 10 days).

By submitting this inspection request you agree to the following:
• Countywide Property Inspection Services assumes no responsibility for this CSST inspection other than to identify and document the type of gas supply lines that are in the home.
• We will assist you in filing the claim, but hold no liability to follow up on the completion of the process for you to obtain payment.

We prefer payments be made at completion of the inspection by check. Payment may also be made by Credit Card online at our secure website payment link listed under Reports.

There will be a $40 charge for inspections not cancelled within 48 hours prior to the appointed time, or for failure on your part for us to gain access to the home at the time of inspection. Please mark your calendar when your emailed confirmation arrives. This inspection may take up to 1.5 hours.

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