Countywide Property Inspection Services

Countywide Property Inspection Services for Charlotte County

Our reports are extensive, yet very clear and easy to comprehend, providing details that other inspectors neglect or omit. These reports contain such information as model, serial numbers, and manufacturing dates of all included mechanical apparatus and home appliances (depending on information made available). Also included are types and brands of fixtures, surfaces, and cabinetry, along with an array of other details.

Reports are emailed to the client and Realtor within 24 hours usually immediately upon completion of the inspection when our schedule permits.  The report is available on line for a minimum of 7 years making it easy for the client to preserve and have future access to all information presented to them. This is a convenient tool, should the client find it necessary to obtain information, replace, or repair particular item listed in the report.

Our goal is for the buyer, the seller, and his or her agent to be pleased with our service. This is accomplished by bringing attention not only to faults and safety hazards, but also noting particular advantages, or strong points, which the client may not be aware of. All pertinent finds are revealed in digital photos. The prompt delivery of the report, usually the same day, is a critical factor in promoting a reliable professional relationship with our client.

The strict ASHI Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are strictly adhered to. Therefore, we do not make suggestions, outside the "Standards of Practice", provide cost estimates, or offer personal advice or opinion on the property value.